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In the future

PC of the future

Computing in the future will be driven by consumer convenience and evasion of intellectual property restrictions. The "personal computer" will be as small as possible, simply because that is both cool and convenient, and will contain all the functions of a cell phone, voice mail system, answering machine, music player and recorder, video player and recorder, and personal information appliance. Communications will be protected by strong encryption, but ordinary life will be (un)fair game for surreptitious recording.

I/O devices will be hidden in body modifications; microphones could be concealed in a various body piercings, and speakers can be hidden in earrings. If people still wore glasses, they would contain the screen, but laser surgery will have made glasses obsolete by then.

Future hobbies and crimes

Advances in remote sensing and robotics will create new possibilities for both hobbies and crime, which will be indistinguishable. Hobbiests and other techno-fanatics will create boats and planes that are partially autonomous, and partially remote controlled. Besides opening new vistas to armchair adventurers (who can be the first to program a robo-boat to sail around the world, and who can get the best pictures in the process?), this will create yet more opportunities for invasion of privacy, since these boats and planes will be well-equipped to transmit the sights and sounds around them.

Oppressed small businessmen will also make use of this new technology to facilitate freer trade in compact, high-value products. That is, drug smugglers will use these same small autonomous vehicles to deliver their products.

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